Belle Mundi

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A sci-fi black comedy, directed by Andy Collier and written by Michael Marshall Smith. Thirty mins run time. Filmed in SLV studios, Battersea and on location in London.


James Robert (Tony Curran) is the main presenter for, or so he thinks. His 'habit' is making him loose touch with reality. Mel (Lucy Pinder) is up and coming, or rather sleeping with the boss (Ralph Brown) and about to get the prime slot. James has one last chance... but during one of his shows, a guest named Rusty (Sylvester McCoy) appears to demonstrate SupaShine cleaner. But Rusty is not what he seems... amazingly James manages to save the day. Keeping a close eye on proceedings is the avid shopping channel viewer Mrs Mark (Miriam Margolyes). Brian Blessed makes a guest appearance as the alien voice. There is a happy ending in case you were wondering...




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