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ROBIN HOOD (2010) 

I worked with leather – ageing and sewing. I designed and made four leather bags for cremation ashes; aged a leather scroll bag by 25 years; and aged other leather props, including saddles and tack. I covered a wooden trunk in leather and studs and lined it with fabric, and this same trunk was later used as Ned Stark's hero trunk when he escaped King's Landing in Game of Thrones (S1). I also made leather sacs full of oil that were attached to the wooden doors of the Tower of London set and set on fire with flaming arrows. 

Leather bag for cremation ashes (designed and hand made)

Robin Hood, leather bag for ashes

Bare wooden trunk covered in leather, studs and metal strap work and then aged

Robin Hood, wooden chest

Trunk interior, lined and aged. Trunk later used in Game of Thrones (Ned Stark).

Robin Hood, wooden chest lining

Leather oil bags attached to the portcullis of the Tower of London set

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.07.36.png

Detail of leather oil bags in action

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.07.50.png
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