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LISTEN (2020) is a multi-award winning feature film that tells the story of a Portuguese family living in London. The parents, Bela and Jota, struggle with raising their children and one day, social services turn up on their door and their lives change forever. Stars Lúcia Moniz (Bela), Ruben Garcia (Jota), Sophia Myles (Ann Payne), Maisie Sly (Lu), James Fenton (Diego) and Lola and Kiki Weeks (Baby Jessy). 

Jota and Bela in Diego's bedroom

LISTEN, Jotta and Bela in Diego's bedroom

Diego and Jota in the bathroom

LISTEN, Jotta and Diego in the bathroom

Lu, Baby Jessy and Bela

LISTEN, Bela, Lu and Baby Jessy
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